The Italian Stone Theatre

The Italian Stone Theatre




Identified by a logo whose essential character outlines the institutional vocation of the project at the same time as highlighting Italian content, The Italian Stone Theatre, curated by the designer Raffaello Galiotto and the architect Vincenzo Pavan, is a major celebratory event involving not only natural stone but also machinery and technology: inasmuch, the ingenuity of designers will be paired with the professionalism, construction skills, technical and productive expertise of Italian companies and machinery. The overall layout presents high-profile experimental works capable of demonstrating the skills of Italian companies in creating innovative products specially designed by prestigious international architects and designers, through traditional craftsmanship as well as the use of advanced machinery capable of interacting with sophisticated three-dimensional design programs. The Italian Stone Theatre is divided into two theme-based sections with different spatial identities. One section is dedicated to materials and involves a series of installations linked by a shared, dual theme inspired by concepts of horizontality and verticality, two conditions in the use of stone materials which designers have to tackle on a daily basis. The other exhibition section focuses on the interaction between stone processing machines and design projects, a crucial step that opens new perspectives for a sector which until now has experienced problematic access to the market.

The Italian Stone Theatre is implemented by Marmomac with support of the Ministry for Economic Development (MISE), ICE-Italian Trade Agency and Confindustria Marmomacchine within the scope of the Special Made in Italy Promotion Plan valorising excellence in the Italian natural stone and related technology field.

Carpets of Stone

Digital Lithic Design

Raffaello Galiotto / Bicefalo

Raffaello Galiotto / Leucon
Odone Angelo-Gruppo Tosco Marmi

Raffaello Galiotto / Lisca
Lithos Design



The Italian Stone Theatre returns with its second edition, an entire hall dedicated to culture and experimentation with materials and machinery, two of the main sectors of the Italian lithic industry. Deepening the experimental line adopted by Marmomac in 2015, The Italian Stone Theatre will become a place of cultural projects dedicated to Made in Italy, with innovative initiatives implemented by companies in collaboration with some of the leading international designers and architects.

The Italian Stone Theatre is implemented by Marmomacc with support of the Ministry for Economic Development (MISE), ICE-Italian Trade Agency and Confindustria Marmomacchine within the scope of the Special “Made in Italy” Promotion Plan valorising excellence in the Italian natural stone and related technology field.

New Marble Generation

The Power of Stone

Raffaello Galiotto / Zenit
Antolini-Prussiani Engineering

Raffaello Galiotto / Torso
Omag-Henraux-Fratelli Lizzio

Raffaello Galiotto / Spongia
Helios Automazioni-Digma-Marini Marmi



The 2017 edition of Marmomac once again presents The Italian Stone Theatre: the Hall dedicated to culture, training and experimentation with stone and technology partially developed also thanks to the Special Made in Italy Promotion Plan, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development, ICE-Italian Trade Agency and Confindustria Marmomacchine.

Curated by architect Vincenzo Pavan and designer Raffaello Galiotto, The Italian Stone Theatre has established itself as a focal point for culture and experimentation where Italian companies involved in materials, technologies and machinery can dialogue to give life to ambitious projects with internationally renowned architects and designers.

Soul of City

Craig Copeland / Embrace
Lavagnoli Marmi

Sam Jacob Studio / Everything Flows
Piero Zanella

Alper Derinbogaz / Walls
Garfagnana Innovazione

Territorio & Design

Macchine Virtuose

Raffaello Galiotto / Genesi
Mondo Marmo Design-Prussian Engineering

Raffaello Galiotto / Cardo

Raffaello Galiotto / Alveo



Water will be the element animating The Italian Stone Theatre, the hall dedicated to excellence in the Italian natural stone field scheduled once again in Verona at Marmomac.
The theme for the 2018 edition is Water and Stone, where water with its fluid nature prompts a wealth of aesthetic-perceptive aspects in dialogue with the solidity of natural stone. This ancient affinity between two opposite states of matter – solid and liquid – that have always interacted, from the natural constitution of rocks as explained by geology through to their transformation by man as seen in the extraordinary architecture that history has handed down to us.
The endless functional and formal opportunities made possible by stone in order to model the places, buildings and furnishing objects that have accompanied daily life for thousands of years are put forward again today in enhanced form – thanks to the availability of new stone material processing machinery and the creative intuitions of architects, designers and artists.

Liquido, Solido, Litico

Giulio Iachetti / Santacqua
Helios Automazioni

Moreno Ratti / Contrasti
Petris Stonethica

Elena Salmistraro / Marea
Vicentina Marmi

Brand & Stone

Carlo Colombo / Shapeway
Antonio Lupi-Testi Group

Toan Nguyen / Serengeti
Luxury Living Group-Cereser Marmi

Percorsi d'Arte



One of the most eagerly appointments at Marmomac is the visit to The Italian Stone Theatre, the Hall dedicated to culture, design and research where sector companies and designers are the protagonists of shows and dedicated areas highlighting Italian excellence in this field through works and installations. The theme that explored this year is Naturality. The naturalness of stone, considered in its purest aspect, through research and the presentation of installations developed using the most advanced production technologies capable of expressing the uniqueness and geodiversity of natural stone as a fundamental element in nature that has evolved and transformed over the centuries and which mankind has used to shape our habitat. A material rich in history and inspiration that offers endless opportunities for designing places, buildings and furnishing objects thanks to the creativity of architects, designers and artists in turn interpreted by the most modern processing techniques that also keep a close eye on reducing waste and safeguarding the environment.

Lithic Garden

Setsu & Shinobu Ito / Stone Forest
Errebi Marmi

Marco Piva / Stone Tornado
Lavagnoli Marmi-Pellegrini Meccanica

Cino Zucchi / Sharawaggi
Franchi Umberto Marmi

Brand & Stone 2.0

Calvi Brambilla / Ossimoro
Antonio Lupi-Lavagnoli Marmi-Prussiani Engineering

Daniel Germani / Cocoon
Gandiablasco-Grassi Pietre

STH Homage to Toyo Ito / Ripples
Horm-Map Slate

Percorsi d'Arte