26/29 September/2018
Verona, Italy

Visitors Area

Marmomac App

The new Marmomac App 2019 is available for iOS and Android: download it now!

Innovations in 2019

 Total review of layout, bCards and navigation menu

 “where am I?” function (GPS)

End-of-event report followed by email with the list of exhibitors visited, visitor met, appointments held, bCards exchanged and saved notes

Possibility of marking an exhibitor as already visited or how an appointment went

The new APP developed for Marmomac it offers many useful services through easy and intuitive interactions without requiring registration.

 The “Useful Info" area ensures access to all the general information about the event, from timetables and travel info, ticket information to the ground plan of the exhibition centre.

 You can search exhibitors by product, country or Hall simply by consulting the catalogue integrated into the App providing the complete and constantly updated list of exhibitors at Marmomac, with all related information and precise location in the Exhibition Centre.

The section dedicated to "Appointments" provides real time info about events scheduled during the Exhibition, with continuous updates of programmes, locations and additional details about initiatives and meetings.

Lastly, by registering and creating your own B-Card you can then - with a few easy steps - exchange data and contact information with the exhibitors and operators you met during the Show.