Visit the Civic Museums of Verona with the ticket of Marmomac

Are you sure to know all the beautiful spots of Verona? Have you ever visited the Arena, Roman Amphitheater which is considered the symbol of this city? Do you know the Castelvecchio Museum, one of the biggest italian art collections, an expositive path ranging from Paleochristian finds to paintings from the 700’s?

Have you ever entered the Modern Art Gallery Achille Forti or the Fresco Museum at the grave of the Shakespearean heroine of Verone?

From 27 to 30 September you will have the opportunity to visit all the civic museums of Verone (l’Anfiteatro Arena, la Casa di Giulietta, il Museo Archeologico al Teatro Romano, il Museo Civico di Storia naturale, il Museo degli Affreschi di G. B. Cavalcaselle, il Museo di Castelvecchio, il Museo Lapidario Maffeiano e la Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti) by showing your Marmomac entry ticket at the entrance of the museums.

The fee is 1 euro only!

You will also be able to access the exhibition “Caroto e le arti tra Mantegna e Veronese” at a reduced price, set up at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia.

The initiative is the result of the collaboration between Veronafiere, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Culture, Tourism, with the aim of involving Verone in a context – that of Marmomac, leading trade fair for the natural stone sector – that since years adds value to the city.

That’s not all… culture is also waiting for you at Palazzo Maffei Casa Museo with a 10% discount on the entrance ticket!


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