Touching the Future: Natstone – Innovation and Passion for Natural Stone

We’re passionate about natural stone, but our passion goes beyond what nature creates. As a stone transformation company, our objective is to shape the raw material and turn it into magnificent architectural implementations that meet our clients’ needs.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

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The unique characteristics of natural stone make it an extremely valid choice for a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, from exterior facades, interior cladding, urban landscaping, indoor and outdoor flooring, to columns, curbs, balustrades, and stone CNC works.

Our journey to the present has been marked by significant changes in the company’s history. Founded in 1954 by José dos Santos, Manuel dos Santos Álvaro, and Agostinho dos Santos, the company “José dos Santos (Eugénio) & Irmãos” was born with the purpose of transforming and applying natural stones and ornamental pieces in various areas of the construction industry.

Today, Natstone stands out for its industrial capacity and years of experience in consulting, development, production, finishing, and application in natural stone works. We take stone solutions beyond borders, exporting them worldwide. Through digital resources, we have the ability to promote, innovate, and sell globally. While this industry has deep-rooted traditions, Natstone has invested in technology and experimentation to create cutting-edge solutions for designers and architects from all over the world.

In this spirit, we present our latest innovations, developed by our Innovation and Development (I&D) department, here at Marmomac. We are proud to offer solutions that perfectly adapt to our clients’ aspirations.

At Natstone, stone is more than just a material. It’s a form of expression, art, and functionality in perfect harmony. We invite everyone to visit our booth and experience the unique touch of natural stone, combined with our vision of transforming spaces and creating memorable environments.

Join us on this journey towards excellence in natural stone, where tradition meets innovation, and the future is shaped with our own hands. Natstone – where creativity meets the solidity of stone.


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