Thin Stone

Embrace the beauty of nature with our ground-breaking solution – Thin Stone from Persian Marble Co., It’s 100% natural stone, not an imitation, natural stone blocks crafted into 10mm thin slabs & panels for easy, mortar-free renovations, lightweight constructions, and slim flooring.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia


With over 35 years experience in the field, Persian Marble unveils Thin Stone, a selection of 10mm thin natural stone slabs and panels, available in sizes up to 285×153 cm (9×5 feet). It’s time to say goodbye to unsightly unattractive porcelain joints and humps, welcome the luxurious feel of real stone in your homes and offices.

Thin Stone is your top choice for any upcoming renovation. It marks a revival in the use of natural stone for architects looking for a slender, durable, and light, large-format luxury surface. Thin Stone perfectly blends the classic elegance of natural stone with the practical needs of modern construction.


Luxury High Rise Buildings:
Thin Stone is perfect for flooring in luxury high-rise buildings where conventional natural stone slabs are too heavy and difficult to handle. Thin Stone gives builders a novel, high-quality option that overcomes all structural and logistical challenges.

Renovation Projects:
With its slim 10 mm thickness, Thin Stone is the ideal solution for refreshing old floors. Its installation is a breeze! Simply remove the old cover and stick it over your existing floor with tile adhesive – no mortar, no grout, and no messy removals. You can even apply it directly on top of your old covering. With Thin Stone, give commercial spaces a touch of luxury and significantly enhance your property’s value. No more grout! Just fill the joints, polish to perfection, and relish your smooth, one-of-a-kind natural stone floor.

Thin Stone/Aluminum Composite Panels:
We combine Thin Stone with Aluminum Honeycomb to create lightweight composite natural stone panels, perfect for façades. A Travertine composite panel weighs only 30 kgs/sqm, a huge reduction from traditional 3 cm full-body stone facade panels weighing 80 kgs/sqm. We’re even experimenting with composite slab size panels that could weigh as light as 20 kgs/m2. It’s time to reinstate the charm of natural stone in your façade design. Rediscover the timeless allure of stone with Persian Marble’s Thin Stone collection. Try it and experience the difference yourself! 


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