Business, culture and training meet natural stone

Hall 10

Art Direction and Project: arch. Giorgio Canale, Creative Director of the DDM Branding agency
Powered by: Brand & Stone

The Applaud stands as the ultimate exaltation of experimentation at the fair. With the aim of creating culture and elevating the potential of natural stone, the exhibition is not limited to a static display of a work created in the weeks leading up to the event, on the contrary, the work is created live during the extent of the fair. Visitors are able to understand the collective effort required to create a magnificent work in natural stone, in complete transparency. Technique, technology, vision, research, creativity and precision are the focalized aspects enhanced by this revolutionary installation signed by arch. Giorgio Canale.

Title — The Applaud
Artwork — Fragment
Artist — Andreas Senoner
Material — Cammeo Imperiale fornito da Cereser Marmi
Production — Donatoni Group
Implantation — Dal Prete
Technical Partner — PolyPiù



The sculpture Fragment is part of the artist’s research on the theme of the fragment in archaeology, understood as a container of stories and meanings of the past, of its existence. Human history is made up of traces and fragments that recreate a testimony of its passage, and allow those who study it to reconstruct remote events and histories. The work, made of Cammeo Imperiale, reproduces the detail of two overlapping fingers of superhuman dimensions, reminding the observer of the symbolic gesture of crossed fingers.



1982 Bolzano
Senoner attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and the Facultad de Bellas Artes San Carlos in Valencia, Spain, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where he studied sculpture and design. His sculptural research focuses on the elaboration of themes such as memory, inheritance and stratification. Through his sculptures he investigates the relationship between the individual, the changing context in which he resides and the elements that determine this change. He combines exhibition activity with periods of research in artist residencies, including Civitella Ranieri Foundation, Palazzo Monti, Skaftfell Art Center.



Cammeo Imperiale is an ideal material when intending to elevate your space, just as cameo’s decor provides sophistication to the stone they’re carved into. The uneven color of the material hints at the idea of a fossil, a fossilized and everlasting gesture. The subtlety of beige meets exquisite amber-toned veins, creating a marble that marries elegance and personality.



Donatoni Group engages in the innovative project The Applaud, which involves the use of a Donatoni CR robot during the four days of the Marmomac fair. Developing The Applaud has been a demanding journey. Coordinating all aspects of the project to achieve the goal represented a considerable challenge, given its complexity and the limited time available. This collaboration represents a tangible example of the innovative approach and dedication that drive Donatoni Group in the market.



Dal Prete designs and manufactures water treatment solutions for stone and other processes that require the use and recovery of wastewater. The company’s contribution to The Applaud project has been fundamental in ensuring efficient management of excess resources and sustainable reuse of the water used in processing the work, through an exclusive Dal Prete filtration system.



The PolyPiù company specialises in designing and manufacturing curtain walls, modular systems, and roofs made of multiwall and compact polycarbonate sheets for industrial, commercial, civil, and DIY applications. For The Applaud project, it supplied the polycarbonate materials that enclose the robot and the work under the live construction: CarboPIÙ Compatto sheets were used – on the other hand the decorative parts above are made of PanelPIÙ 500, an interlocking polycarbonate modular system.



Brand & Stone is an exhibition supported by the international communication agency DDM Branding. Where industry leading brands collaborate with high-end designers and artists to create unprecedented works made by companies specialized in working stone materials. Thus it is that from the rawest stone comes the most delicate work of class. A union is fostered between the excellence of the stone sector and internationally renowned designers who succeed in bringing out the potential of natural stone.