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Material Match Up - Natural Stone Synergies

Curator: ADI - Industrial Design Association - Veneto Trentino Alto Adige Delegation
Concept and Coordination: Carlo Trevisani, Silvia Sandini, Marcello Cutino
Exhibition design: Carlo Trevisani
Video project: Projects in marble selected by the ADI Design Index 2011/2022 - Luca e Nicola Facchini

One of the skills of designers, be they involved in designing products, interiors, installations or visual communication, is the ability to select and valorise natural materials. Surfaces are aspects of architecture that perform several decorative and protective tasks, and for this reason they are replete with emphatic design value. Over the years, we have seen how the technology and tools available to artisans and designers have made it possible to create various finishes and textures using different thicknesses, depths and designs. Textures applied in the various functions of stone cladding for interiors, such as kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, etc., as well as exteriors, façade cladding, paving, wellness areas, etc., make interior design and architecture projects increasingly personalised and unique. The theme of “decoration” in all its aesthetic and formal languages has always been a subject for research and experimentation. Surface decoration is constantly changing, following the trends, fashion and culture of every country.


MATERIAL TABLES – An approach to of research and knowledge of the tools used to sculpt the surface of natural stones or marble, such as bas-reliefs and marble inlay techniques, colour combinations and a variety of texture effects. Inasmuch, the charm of natural stone can even be highlighted in small surfaces that convey creativity through technique and modernity. Distinctive and identifying projects of extremely high aesthetic value that go beyond the mere concept of cladding through a new kind of tactile effects and elegance that respond to every need in contemporary architecture.

ADI Designer Members

Patrizia Bertolini, Michela Baldessari, Gino Carollo, Paolo Criveller, Alberto Gava, Matteo Leorato, Franco Poli, Alex Terzariol , Silvia Sandini, Arnaldo Sela, Luigi Siard, Carlo Trevisani, Giulia Zampieri, Ascanio Zocchi.

Partner Companies

Agglotech, Gruppo Biesse–Intermac, Gruppo Tosco Marmi, Franchi Umberto Marmi, Guardini Pietre, Margraf, Marmi industria Friulana–Cregeo, LMA Machine–Leather Stone, Kaleidostone, Pellegrini Meccanica–Decormarmi, Porfidi Italia 2000, Temmer Marble.

ADI Design Index 2011/2022. The videos

The exhibition is completed with a review of products in lithic material selected in the last ten years in the ADI Design Index catalogs and the Compasso d’Oro, the award famous worldwide for its excellence and a flagship of Italian design, and with the ADI Index award linked to it. The Material Match Up exhibition is a complete panorama where marble meets excellence, beauty, innovation and sustainability.

Work — company — Designer

In-finito — Guardini Pietre — Patrizia Bertolini
Mise and Place — Leather Stone — Michela e Paolo Baldessari
Feeling Nature — Gruppo Tosco Marmi — Gino Carollo
Scandola — Gruppo Biesse — Intermac — Paolo Criveller
Tangram — Temmer Marble — Alberto Gava
Marmo tra Uomo e Territorio — Margraf — Matteo Leorato e Luigi Siard
Rosso Asiago — Cregeo — Industria marmi Friulana — Franco Poli
Dalla Natura al Metaverso — Franchi Umberto Marmi — Alex Terzariol MMdesign
Listelli e pattern — Pellegrini Meccanica con Decormarmi — Silvia Sandini
“Elevate” Viaggio tattile tra pietra e modulo — Industria Marmi Friulana — Arnaldo Sela
Geometrie e colori del Porfido — Porfidi Italia 2000 — Luigi Siard
Prun — Guardini Pietre — Carlo Trevisani
Arazzo Materico — LMA Machine con Kaleidostone — Giulia Zampieri
Toki — Agglotech — Ascanio Zocchi

The Plus Theatre

Material Match Up

Arazzo materico

Giulia Zampieri

Manufactured since ancient times, the tapestry was mainly used to decorate, to narrate stories but also to heat rooms. Starting from the theme of “decoration” in all its aesthetic and formal languages, it was decided to create a decorative structure characterized by interpenetrating geometric shapes that allow to generate material combinations and interactions of space between full and empty. A two-dimensional totemic structure is therefore proposed which allows for a dialogue to be triggered between the different stones chosen and their own textures, creating a reflection on the uniqueness and unrepeatability, mutability and variability of nature.

“Elevate” Viaggio tattile tra pietra e modulo

Arnaldo Sela 
Industria Marmi Friulana

“Elevate” is a project based on the fusion of geometric modules, giving life to patterns that evoke pure and ethereal shapes. This formal cleanliness is constantly interrupted by the upward growth of the surrounding modules and their rotation, creating dynamism and an intense interplay of light and shadow. The finishes play a fundamental role in this playful dynamics driven by three-dimensionality; each surface is marked by different textures, crucial in this material symphony that aims to render a multisensory experience, blending sight and touch. The employed techniques include polishing, smoothing, brushing, and pebbling. The material variants are: the “clauzetto fiorito,” “granitello,” and “clauzetto unito” (the latter recalling the legacy of architect Carlo Scarpa). “Elevate” is a celebration of material, modularity, and three-dimensionality. Every detail is an invitation to explore, discover, and connect with the forms, surfaces, and sensations.

Feeling Nature

Gino Carollo Studio
Gruppo Tosco Marmi

Feeling nature is designed for those who wish to mirror their inner nature in the Nature that surrounds us. The four moodboards created are not only divided by colour but also by theme: sand waves, ocean breath, bright night, warm earth. The moodboards are made up of 4 or 5 levels with amorphous shapes, different in outlines and dimensions. The different processes and colour tones create a play of light and reflections that increase the depth of the design.

Geometrie e colori del Porfido

Luigi Siard
Porfidi Italia 2000

“Geometrie e colori del Porfido” was created to show the infinite quantity of colors and finishes available in the world of porphyry. In this mood board I have combined square, rectangular and trapezoidal elements made with the standard processing techniques: splitting and cutting with a disc saw, therefore using the basic processes for porphyry. The search for the right balance in the combination of materials has led to the creation of a module that can be used as a pattern.


Patrizia Bertolini
Guardini Pietre

“We propose an operation of regularization in the perception of natural surface: a “light” sign activates an abstract geometric order in the apparently irregular and variable world of natural stones. The intervention consists in a light milling of the surface which produces a graining of the natural design of the veins – and of the material – in contrast with the brightness of the polishing. The “design” of the signs contrasts and plays with the designs of the veins and colors of the natural stone according to the formal visual characteristics of the stone being worked on. The random arrangement of the last (square) deconstructs the regularity of the design intention.

Listelli e Pattern

Silvia Sandini
Pellegrini Meccanica with Decormarmi

A collection based on linear and distorted elements, created with a single diamond cutting process, a technique that allows the modeling of more complex shapes with the use of 3D software that guarantees perfection and optimization of the material. From the marble stripes shaped components are obtained with a thickness of 0.5/1 cm to be used as a decorative element on surfaces. The shapes create patterns in relief and allow us to create infinite compositions between the shapes and colors of the materials that can be combined in a chromatic “match up” game to create Optical Art effects.


Matteo Leorato e Luigi Siard

The moodboard “Marble between Man and Territory” explores the profound bond between humanity and the land through marble. From extraction to artifact, this connection is represented in a three-dimensional diagram based on contour lines, tessellations and interconnected geometries. The moodboard shows the continuum between raw material and finished object, underscoring marble’s role in the link between humans and their surroundings. The project talks about traditional skills and technology, the beauty of marble as a design material, and its historical and cultural importance. “Marble between Man and Territory” prompts reflections on our relationship with the earth and resource conservation, while keeping alive the connection between past, present, and future.


Carlo Trevisani
Guardini Pietre

A village, a territory, a material. A centuries-old history of stone extraction and transformation of the territory made up of paths and architectures. The traditional material of Lessinia is presented in the exhibition with an articulated composition: the use of different design languages and dimensional scales creates various glimpses of interpretation, the shades of the stone and its different finishes are combined with the visual references of material samples, mood boards, architectural models.

Rosso Asiago

Franco Poli
Cregeo with Industria Marmi Friulana

To explore the nuances of “Rosso Asiago” marble represents a unique opportunity to present the infinite possibilities offered by this material. In this exhibition I had the privilege of presenting a work that focuses on the research of new ways of using the different shades of color of the “rosso Asiago” marble, developing an approach that allows you to optimize its chromatic richness, from the lightest to the darkest, and to use them to create contrasts or harmonies in internal and external environments.


Alberto Gava
Temmer Marble

The concept is to use the Tangram, a puzzle game that stimulates visual intelligence, creativity and logic, to create modular compositions that fit the environment/space and make it personal. The world of games and iconic design pieces have an intrinsic relationship that goes beyond aesthetics and utility. Design objects have often influenced and inspired the world of games and entertainment, and vice versa; game mechanics inspire the creation of this material table.


Ascanio Zocchi

TOKI, is a Moodboard with elements made with agglomerate slabs inspired by the places in Venice. The Venetian terrace is characterized by the use of natural stone material, bound with colored cement, proposed in these nuances of color with different surface finishes, polished, brushed, satin and flamed. The surface finish gives different emotions to the eye and to the touch, rediscovering a traditional manufacturing process typical of the Veneto region.

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