Time In Stone


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Brand & Stone 3.0

Concept by: Danilo di Michele
Curated by: Giorgio Canale
The use of natural stone to produce objects and accessories included in the collections of leading international design brands.

Following the international successes of its recent editions, the collaborations created between the marble companies and leading international design brands has been renewed for 2021: deemed as the birth of Brand & Stone 3.0, the exhibition conceived by Danilo Di Michele and curated by architect Giorgio Canale. This exhibition, now at its third edition, responds to the need to bring designers and influential brands closer to the use of natural stone to produce objects and accessories included in their collections, demonstrating how it is possible to overcome the often widespread reticence of a commercial (costs, distribution …) as well as a technical (weight, installation issues …) nature in the use of this material.

The skills and technical-artistic knowledge of Italian stone companies will consequently become available to prestigious furnishing companies, thereby collaborating to create unique indoor and outdoor projects for subsequent launch on the market. Natural stone thereby becomes a revolutionary and innovative material, readily offered to even the most discerning customers all over the world through everyday objects. Brand & Stone 3.0 is therefore not limited as an exhibition of solely excellent design objects in natural stone, nor is it a mere experiment designed to exaggerate the potential of stone materials. It is a project promoting partnership and synergy between two worlds – natural stone and design – whose results will be premiered at Marmomac 2021.

BRAND — Design — Production

Swatch — Biasi Emilio & Figli Industria Marmi
antoniolupiMarco Di Paolo — Grassi Pietre
FORMITALIA Luxury Group - Tonino Lamborghini Casa Formitalia Design Studio — MARMI GHIRARDI
BaxterStudioPepe. — bagnara
Il Fanale GroupGiorgio Canale, Matteo Zorzenoni — STONETHICA by Petris
PENTAGiorgio Canale — MAP SLATE
MkGiorgio Rava — MARINI MARMI

Time In Stone


Maxi Swatch

Brand ↙
Concept ↙
Giorgio canale
production ↘
Biasi Emilio & Figli Industria Marmi
material ↘
Bianco Di carrara

How big can a Swatch be? As big as 2.10 mts. actually – the Maxi Swatch is a playful and bigger than life interpretation of the most iconic Swatch shape. It has been interpreted by artists such as Damien Hirst and Folon, fashion designers such as Castelbajac and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, movie directors such as Luc Besson and Almodovar, designers such Massimo Giacon and Alessandro Mendini; it became Tin Tin, Mickey Mouse and Corto Maltese, it was a symbol of the Atlanta Olympic Games and of the Festival del Cinema in Locarno – and now, in marble!


Brand ↘
Design ↘
MArco di paolo
production ↙
Grassi pietre
material ↘
Pietra di Vicenza
Grigio Alpi Spazzolato

The Fida bathtub is inspired by nature. Fida is a real sculpture carved from a monolith of brushed Vicenza Grey Alpi Stone. The material with a typical light gray color, characterized by the presence of macrofossils, gives the Fida bathtub a modern encounter between material and functionality. The external line takes its cue from the organic forms of the woods of the rivers, which give the work a feeling of fluidity. The edges are rounded and the lines smooth. The inside of the bathtub is an ergonomic and carefully designed environment to convey safety and comfort. Fida fits harmoniously into environments, giving them their own atmosphere. Organic but symmetrical, contained but provocative, it responds to different needs.


Brand ↘
Formitalia luxury group – tonino lamborghini casa
Design ↘
Formitalia Design Studio
production ↙
Marmi ghirardi
material ↘
Breccia Aurora Marina Blu, Nero Assoluto, breccia light

Model TL-2491, dining table and mirror is part of the latest Tonino Lamborghini Casa collection, volume 6, characterised by a new style for the brand, very decorative. Formitalia Luxury Group chose this new model for the presentation at the Brand & Stone event at Marmomac, entrusting the creation to a great specialist such as Marmi Ghirardi, which chose to present it at the event. Marmi Ghirardi, who chose exclusive marbles such as Breccia Aurora Marina Blu and Nero Assoluto for the mirror. The same Breccia Aurora Marina Blu is used for the 150 cm diameter tabletop. “We start with a careful selection of blocks directly from our own quarries, cut the thicknesses to size and define the shapes of the elements with a bridge saw and lathe. Finally, our craftsmen finish and assemble the parts to create the finished product.”


Brand ↙
Design ↘
production ↙
material ↘
quarzite verde lapponia

Dharma is a collection of outdoor pieces, here presented as a preview in a special marble version and carried out as unique pieces. Dharma draws inspiration from the peculiar cooperation among Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Indian local workforce, which led to the creation of the iconic city of Chandigarh in the 50’s of last century. This collection, from a formal point of view, explores the relationship between East and West and, therefore, the contact between a handcrafted reality and the industrial design. Pure geometries, vaults and concrete full volumes of Chandigarh’s architectural elements are reinterpreted, giving shape to the poetry of furniture, enhancing the quality of the raw material, that is marble.

Seven Blooms

Brand ↘
Il fanale group
Design ↘
production ↘
Stonethica by PETRIS
material ↘
Carrara MIX and Pietra Grey

In the original version, the Bloom lamp by Matteo Zorzenoni, recalls the preciousness of antique perfume bottles and the shape of oriental diffusers of essences. For Brand & Stone 3.0, Giorgio Canale interprets the shapes of these beautiful table lamps by Il Fanale, creating a floor composition called Seven Bloom. Precious pastel glass, irregular heights and contrasting finishes, enhance the materiality of the recycled stones by Stonethica and create a dynamic set with a strong character. The materials selected for Seven Bloom are a Carrara Mix, a variety of Carrara and Grey Stone, characterized by warm gray-brown tones, with light white veins.


Brand ↙
Design ↘
Giorgio rAva
production ↘
Marini Marmi
material ↘
Nuvolato di Gré

Since the dawn of time, man scratches the earth’s crust in the search of life. In the stone, he imagines archetypal shapes and spaces to satisfy earthly needs and finds a connection with the spirit and the eternal. Sculpture thus becomes man’s first act of creation, origin of a design thought that reaches us through the millennia. Through the Sculptura kitchen I wanted to express the inseparable bond that unites project and sculptural gesture, rediscovering a profound and artistic value in its function. Function becomes sculpture, abstract material, monolith, in an archaic balance between past and present, mass and emptiness, solidity and lightness. Far from the contemporary practice in which stone is used as a mere cladding skin, Sculptura rediscovers the energy and archaic strength of the mineral element that resides in its wholeness, in its heavy mass, in the depth of its soul.

Indoor Street Lamp

Brand ↙
Design ↘
production ↙
material ↘

With this off-scale lamp, the architect Giorgio Canale interprets for Penta Light the theme of a street lamp. The two wide domes embrace and illuminate the spaces below as the slate base becomes furniture. This
huge floor lamp was born from the idea of dressing large residential and hospitality spaces, customizing the environments with light and modular supporting surfaces in natural stone. The block used for the exposed
work comes from a Ligurian quarry, split and reduced into 5 cm “sheets” thanks to the skilled artisans and the use of a chisel technique. The base, worked with numerical control machines of the latest generation in
technology, is assembled and finished entirely by hand.

Teddy Boy

Brand ↘
Qeeboo milano
Design ↘
Stefano giovannoni
production ↙
Testi group
material ↙

Teddy Boy, one of the iconic products designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Qeeboo that represents the emotional object par excellence, turns into a majestic, one meter high, marble object. Teddy Boy winks to the traditional toy with an irreverent attitude mixing teddy bear’s traits with “almost human” features.

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