The design of marble stairs: ideas and trends

Stairs are an increasingly important and sought-after design element in both private homes and commercial buildings. For the construction of stairs, one of the most used and indicated materials is marble, a stone capable of making the most of the environment in which it is located, as well as being long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Available in a vast range of colors and shades, marble allows you to create surprising chromatic effects and can be inserted as a furnishing element in environments of any style, both classic and modern. Precisely because it is very resistant to wear and the elements, marble is suitable for covering not only internal stairways but also external stairs, even in places with a large influx of people such as shopping centers and offices. This natural stone has the innate strength, beauty and shine that only a stone with its history can express: with its colors and veins, marble expresses a unique personality that emerges over time.

marble stairs for interiors

Indoor marble stairs are a piece of furniture that must fit into an architectural context, supporting its style and enhancing it. Generally, to make marble stairs for interiors, sober marbles are chosen, with a refined taste, without exceeding high-impact chromatic characteristics. White marble is the most popular choice among marbles for interior stairs, especially the classics such as Bianco di Carrara marble, Calacatta marble and Biancone marble, with a white background and small, thin veins.

marble stairs for outdoors

For external marble stairs there is a tendency to opt for the use of compact marble, without veins, because in the long run the latter tend to let water penetrate inside the stone and therefore deteriorate the staircase. For marbles to be used outdoors, it is advisable to choose a non-slip treatment or finish to ensure greater safety. Many types of marble are used to make luxury stairs (white, biancone, Travertine, Botticino, Portoro, Giallo Siena, Giallo Reale, Rosso Verona, Rosso Francia, Travertino Rosso Persiano and Nero Marquinia) but Carrara marbles remain the favorites also for outdoor stairs, for their elegance, durability and refinement.

design tips and ideas

Although marble is a material of ancient origins and was used in the past mainly to make noble-looking stairs, it remains an optimal material also for making stairs with a more modern and undoubtedly fascinating design. To give a contemporary touch to the environment, marble stairs should convey lightness and airiness. For example, the cantilevered staircase is very modern, in which the steps are not integrated into a load-bearing structure but fixed to the wall or placed in bases without railings and handrails. Furthermore, essentiality is essential to give life to a more modern allure: the steps must be characterized by simple and clean lines, with squared and angular shapes. If you want to give an environment a young and trendy look, the ideal is to opt for marble staircase models with metal supporting structures and minimalist design, to create innovative installations, capable of furnishing the environment according to the industrial style guide. Another idea for furnishing an environment with a marble staircase is to choose a model that can be integrated into a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, for less formal furnishing solutions. To soften the nobility of marble and warm up its austerity, a tip is to accompany it with the warmth of wood, thus choosing a staircase with a rustic image that gives a country but at the same time glamorous touch to apartments of any style.

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