The beauty of nature

Stone, leather, and wood showcase the boundless possibilities of their interactions when skillfully crafted by human hands.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

Hall 1 Stand 1

In the art of craftsmanship, stone, leather, and wood emerge as the protagonists of a creative symphony, where their unique nuances intertwine in the hands of skilled artisans. This project explores the extraordinary beauty that arises from the interplay of these materials, elevating them from mere elements to true instruments of expression. Specifically, we turn our gaze towards the magnificence of marble and its ability to blend with the warm texture of wood and the tactile grace of leather. Through this fusion, shapes and structures reminiscent of the very elements of nature emerge, creating a harmonious union between human creativity and the grandeur of the universe. In this journey of discovery, we will explore the creations that take shape from this exceptional synergy, paying tribute to the intrinsic beauty of nature and the timeless skill of the hands that breathe life into such masterpieces.

The concept of this stand revolves around the beauty of marble and its captivating connection with other materials such as wood and leather. From the harmonious fusion of these three elements, configurations reminiscent of the elements of nature itself take shape. In particular, the image of a majestic “tree of materials” emerges as the synthesis and pinnacle of this creative collaboration.

The trunk, made of lacquered wood and enriched with inserts of precious “Ombra di Caravaggio®” marble, backlit onyx, and leather, extends along the entire height of the stand. It culminates in leather fronds, emulating the grandeur of the canopy of this “tree of materials.” In the background, the natural landscape always maintains its central role. The silhouette of the mountains envelops the visitor in a play of materials and lights, lending depth to the surrounding space. The walls, almost inviting to touch, arouse the curiosity of visitors with surfaces and textures waiting to be discovered. A large three-dimensional wall of leather and metal, composed of infinitely repeatable modules, lends the context a discreet yet distinctive character.

Marble, leather, and wood harmoniously dialogue within the wine cellar/wall. This structure, also achievable through modules, has the ability to enrich any space with understated yet effective lines. Inside the stand, a variety of furnishings emphasize the concept of collaboration between different materials while celebrating the extraordinary beauty of nature. The purity of marble blends with other elements, giving rise to objects and furniture that narrate the craftsmanship of the hands that shaped them.


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