Sahara Noir marble: the exotic allure of black marble

In Tunisia there is a marble that seems to have absorbed on its surface the enchanting out-of-time atmosphere of the desert at night: Sahara Noir marble – black as the sky when the sun sets behind the dunes, but crisscrossed with golden veins that look like comets with their sparkling wake.

This unique stone material is extracted in the Zaghouan area of northeastern Tunisia (Jebel Aziz), about 60 kilometers south of Tunis. It offers an invaluable elegance that can add a touch of lush exoticism to any design.

the intriguing beauty of golden veins

When you look at a surface of Sahara Noir marble, you might sometimes doubt its natural origin. Indeed, admiring the golden veins that run through it with such geometric precision that it appears like a futuristic neoplasticist canvas, it seems incredible that a human hand did not draw such straight lines and decide exactly where they should end without any smudges. After all, we are used to seeing streaked and cloudy veins on marbles, typically more chaotic.

In the case of Sahara Noir, it is order that dominates, and nature itself imposes this order on the black surface of fossilized petroleum through silicon, oxidized metal, and recrystallization of calcites, the internal components responsible for the white and golden veins. The final result? A stone solution of inestimable beauty, making Sahara Noir one of the most sought-after marbles by luxury design professionals.

luxurious applications in modern spaces

A confermare il valore estetico del marmo in questione The aesthetic value of this marble is confirmed by the strategies and actions of leading companies in the furniture industry: since 2020, they have been in a true hunt for Sahara Noir to offer their clients high-quality, recognizable, and precious furniture elements.

The items made with this type of marble that are achieving the most success are round or elliptical tables and coffee tables, placed in strategic areas of the room. Wherever they are located, they inevitably become focal points of the environment due to their unmatched elegance.
However, beyond this, Sahara Noir can be used for many other applications (only for interiors, though!). Popular uses include floors, vertical coverings, and bathroom and kitchen elements, in both matte and glossy finishes. Many options share a common denominator: luxurious refinement in modernity.

durability and refinement in furniture and design

Sahara Noir marble is not very compact, but by subjecting it to resin treatment, any potential issues are nipped in the bud: its brilliant black is preserved, and its durability – thanks to the structure’s consolidation induced by the resin – reaches very high levels. This ensures that the Sahara Noir elements you choose can continue to make a difference in your spaces for a long time. After all, it is hard to find solutions that enhance other furnishings better than Sahara Noir: its polished surface reflects every glimmer of light, imparting majesty and depth to every room.

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