Ristorante d’Autore | STONE POOL, the Form of Water at table

The new “fluid” set-up for “Ristorante d’Autore 2018” in hall 1.

By now a fixed appointment alongside many others in The Italian Stone Theatre, for every edition of Marmomac “Ristorante d’Autore” proposes the most homely, daily dimension of the main theme of the hall. Art at Table – from cuisine to dining – on the one hand includes history and tradition, as well as research and innovation on the other: perfectly in keeping with the proposals of excellence in Italian natural stone on show in the hall. This year, the main theme focusing on the relationship between stone and water is ideal for developing an evocative setting. While the restaurant has to ensure a warm welcome and conviviality, the furnishing objects are immersed in a backdrop evoking the sensation of water flowing in a stream. The material chosen to represent the shape of water is marble – a natural stone material partly created by water through a chemical solution that is also shaped by flowing water, including rain, streams and rivers. The project is completed by twelve dining tables in which marble or stone tops represent each designer’s interpretation of the ‘form of water’. The challenge is to leave a distinctive incisive mark even in the context of convivial occasions such as dining, in line with previous set-ups inspired by quarry landscapes, the journey to the centre of the earth and homage to the city of Verona and its stone materials.

Curated by ADI Veneto & Trentino Alto Adige Delegation

Concept and coordination: Silvia Sandini
Project by: Michela Baldessari, Paolo Criveller, Luca Facchini, Valerio Facchin, Carlo Trevisani and Silvia Sandini
Production of marble tables: Marmi Strada, Lavagnoli Marmi, Fasani Celeste, Arte Poli and Intermac
Furnishing: Magis (chairs), Zava Luce (lamps)


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