Ristorante d’autore Nature Works the form of nature curated by Adi Veneto & Trentino Alto Adige delegation

Concept and coordination: Carlo Trevisani, Luca Facchini and Paolo Criveller

Nature releases welcoming and relaxing energy. Ristorante d’Autore “Nature Works”: where excellent food will be served together with carefully selected wines to create a welcoming, convivial and relaxing venue. The theme underlying this project – part of The Italian Stone Theatre in Hall 1 at Marmomac – is to explore the features of rock in nature in order to interpret them and give shape to objects furnishing the location so that guests feel welcomed by the movement and sensations of the rocky landscapes.

The material representing the forms of nature will include marble or natural stone, shaped and modelled by passing time. Over thousands of years, water, wind and stone merge to create a single, constantly changing form. Nature surrounds each element and our mother earth presents herself to us through the gaze of millennia.

The Restaurant, which will welcome the cuisine of prestigious star chefs, will feature 14 projects, each of which will be a snapshot captured by the designer’s eye. The entire setting will be surrounded by evocative tree species.


Michela Baldessari, Paolo Criveller, Luca Facchini, Valerio Facchin, Silvia Sandini, Carlo Trevisani, Simone Bellan, Alberto Vendrame, Ascanio Zocchi and Marco Bonomo

Companies taking part:

Balducci Marmi, Cosi, GDA Marmi, Helios Automazioni, Intermac, Map Slate, Sassomeccanica, T&D Robotics


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