Palissandro® Inside

Inside is an immersive experience that leads the visitor to discover the inner facet of the stone matter. The artwork features a giant marble block of Palissandro« Tigrato which lies suspended on two piles of crushed stone.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

Hall 1 Stand 18

The appeal to the massive piece of stone matter, that is both imposing and stately, leads the intrigued visitor to a tactile and visual exploration of the piece.
The rough texture, obtained from the quarry cut, allows only a partial perception of the true colour and mesmerizing natural design patterns of the stone. You can get an insight of this deep interior as it penetrates thoroughly from the outside.

Circling around the stone block, a porthole-like window suddenly appears, positioned in the centre on one side. This allows for an internal view of the stone matter, which was emptied polished and illuminated. It is here where you can discover the stone’s transformation into the stunning Palissandro« Tigrato, revealing its true colours and vein patterns. A succession of dark and light tones ranging from brown to hazelnut and white, created naturally over time by nature’s geological evolution.


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