One vault at a time

The Hortus Moduli designed by Giuseppe Fallacara with Shajay Bhooshan of Zaha Hadid Architects CoDe (Computational Design) for the Lithic Garden exhibition at Marmomac 2019 is an innovative prototype.

The result of a research project underway for some time involving the prestigious London studio together with the team from Bari Polytechnic University, this year revealed several aspects of the final configuration that will only be completed next year.

Conceptual references

The project in the pavilion is based on a conceptual reflection linked with the garden thinking only of the stone material part – its enclosure – as the threshold for an imaginary, dream-like place where people can enter into symbiosis with nature. The poetic inspiration is flanked by formal and technological research: the pavilion is based on a repetitive series of five “petals”, stereotomic vaulted modules that can be seen as a contemporary interpretation of the vaulted, modular and repetitive (serial) space of arcades overlooking courtyards in traditional architecture.

Formal innovation

Alongside certain elements used to make up each “petal”, developed in the form of prototypes by Pimar using Pietra del Salento, the models of the pavilion reveal the innovative aspect of these vaulted spaces. The minimal reference surface optimizes the tension conditions of the vault, which only remains balanced thanks to a perimeter ring mounted at the top that helps maintain tensions within the overall balance of the petal by pushing load-bearing stone towards new limits. Appointment at Marmomac 2020 when we will finally be able to enjoy the shade.


Designer: Zaha Hadid Architects Code & Giuseppe Fallacara
Design group: Shajay BhooshanVishu BhooshanTommaso CasucciJianfei ChuGiuseppe FallacaraMarko MargetaPatrik SchumacherAKT II (structures)
Production: PI.MAR
Material: Pietra Leccese


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