Marmomac Re-Start Digital Edition – How to Network

The marble and natural stone fair returns in a completely digital version with a platform at the service of visitors and exhibitors. For a virtual journey that breaks space-time barriers and creates the basis for networking in an accessible and user-friendly way.

In this way, it will be possible to experience Marmomac Re-Start Digital Edition to its full potential through webinars with leading personalities in the sector and virtual one-to-one meetings.

networking feature

On the event’s homepage, it will be possible to access the Speakers and Attendees lists. Thanks to this function, you will identify the people of interest according to your needs and preferences. Once these people have been identified, it will be possible to contact them to plan face-to-face meetings that will take place via video calls. If time slots are displayed on people’s profiles, it will mean that they have authorized the planning of meetings regarding the event, an opportunity to avoid wasting time and request a meeting to the selected people before all their slots are booked. In the same way, you can manage your availability from the “My Event” section of the application.

how to make a connection request

To send a connection request to a person, you will need to go to this person’s profile (via the list of attendees, speakers or a company profile) and click Send Connection Request. We suggest you write a message (in the appropriate box that will appear before the Send Connection Request button) before sending the connection request, in order to be able to present yourself and explain the reason for the request. It will then be possible to find all the people you have been in contact with during an event on the “My visit” button, in the “my contacts” tab.

how to request a meeting

Also, in this case, the first step is to reach a person’s profile through the list of attendees, speakers or company profile and then click on one of the suggested time slots for meetings. There is also the “see more slots” button to check additional availability. Once you have selected the slot and the virtual place, you will continue with the drafting of a message to the person you want to meet. At the end click on “send meeting request”.

how to organize a virtual meeting

To schedule a virtual meeting, you need to select the virtual location, as when requesting a meeting. A few minutes before the meeting, you will need to go to the profile of the attendee you are about to meet and click on the colored button “Meeting Call” which will start the video call. The button will be available only if the meeting has been previously confirmed by the person to whom the request was sent.

how to assign a colleague to a meeting

In your exhibitor profile, you can also manage the meetings of your colleagues: you will need to go to the “Meetings” tab to view all the meetings of your team during the event. To assign a colleague to a meeting, you can click on the meeting and select the team member you want to assign.


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