Marmomac Magazine: discover the Stone Experience

Welcome to the new Magazine dedicated to architecture and design with stone.

Marmomac Magazine is the new publishing project launched by Marmomac as a permanent observatory focusing on natural stone in all its forms, even as an object of continuous research and experimentation. The project seeks to ensure continuity for research as a constant aspect over time, setting itself the ambitious task of consolidating an international culture of stone architecture, disseminating research and innovation and promoting a multidisciplinary approach to architecture with natural stone materials. This will be achieved not only through in-depth analysis of the contents of each edition – with previews, backstage and behind the scenes, interviews, projects, analysis and interviews, but also through a close look at architecture and design projects using stone around the world and meetings with the direct protagonists – architects and designers – in dialogue with each other. In this way, by combining content developed for each issue, we will be able to compose the fragments of a discourse focusing on this material: stone and stones thereby become a topic for discussion.


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