A commemorative site blends with landscape

The Loenen Pavillion is a multifunctional building dedicated to commemorating Dutch victims of the Second World War and more recent international conflicts, located in the National Field of Honor of Loenen.

Three Stone Arches for a shop

In the old town of Porto, Portugal, an eyewear shop with three stone arches acting as a common thread between the rooms: this is Optocentro, a retail project curated by Guimaraes architects.

It London, stone becomes psychedelic

Cosmopolitan sites, Mediterranean cuisine, carefully chosen background music, and captivating design are the stylistic choices that make a chain of exclusive restaurants unique.

Stone as a tribute to Art Decò

House MM is situated in Brasschaat (a small green suburb near Antwerp in Belgium). It is a single-family house with all the necessary accommodations in a quiet street and a beautiful garden with some ancient full-grown trees.

Stone and color patterns for a NY apartment

The lively New York district of Lenox Hill hosts a well-known hospital where a successful Netflix series is set and a small apartment designed by the ATTN ATTN Architecture and design studio.

Stone, wood and metals for a brand identity

A blend of materials that enhance each other and a skillful use of natural and artificial light: these are the ingredients of the project for an office designed by Álvaro Hernández Félix Studio that fully understands the client’s brand identity.