Warm marble that lights up, takes shape and becomes the Impluvium. The circular structure rises in height and welcomes guests on its generous seat amidst lights and shadows. The skillfully crafted marble slabs serve as slender and tenacious backrests, rising to support an amber-colored sky.

Upcycling of marble: the new life of processing waste

Upcycling and environmental preservation continue to be key concepts in 2023, as well as throughout the past decade. In particular, marble upcycling (where “upcycling” means reuse, creative recycling) is a very important trend, especially in this period when we all pay greater attention to respecting

Superfici d’architettura: a new entrepreneurial path

The first 6 new collections dedicated to the materials take shape: Arabescato Corchia marble meets vegetable tanned leather, inlaid wood, natural and toasted cork, etched brass, woven willow and veneered wood to tell new stories dedicated to architecture.