Prem Marbles

Prem Marbles Pvt Ltd, a leading name in the stone manufacturing and processing industry. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, we have been transforming architectural visions into reality for 40 years.

Marmi Strada guardians of tradition 

Founded in 1983 and today represents an important artisan and entrepreneurial reality in the field of processing and transformation of natural materials like marble and stone.

Thin Stone

Embrace the beauty of nature with our ground-breaking solution – Thin Stone from Persian Marble Co., It’s 100% natural stone, not an imitation, natural stone blocks crafted into 10mm thin slabs & panels for easy, mortar-free renovations, lightweight constructions, and slim flooring.

Palissandro® Inside

Inside is an immersive experience that leads the visitor to discover the inner facet of the stone matter. The artwork features a giant marble block of Palissandro« Tigrato which lies suspended on two piles of crushed stone.