Alasdair Thomson: When Fashion Transforms Marble

It is well-known that marble is both a timeless and trendy material: and it is not wrong to talk about trends while referring to marble in association with fashion or, even better, with the masterpieces of the artist that we are going to introduce to

Living Marmo: Annandale House, Australia, by Welsh + Major

A long and narrow family residence filled with light and refined details, where even a tree finds space to grow: we are talking about Annandale House, located in Annandale, New South Wales (Australia) and built in 2016 by the architecture studio Welsh + Major.

Modern Architecture: Devon Energy Center, Oklahoma City, United States

In Oklahoma City’s (not so “tall”) downtown, rises The Devon Energy Center (also known as Devon Tower), a 50-story skyscraper (270m) inaugurated in 2012 and home to the new headquarters of the Devon Energy Corporation (an independent manufacturer of oil and natural gas).