Books About Marble

Marble has always been an incomparable source of inspiration: whether it is used in construction, architecture, design or art, it is a material able to give life to uniquely elegant creations, that can be both modern and classic and, above all, never get old.

INTERIOR DESIGN: Acne Studios, Stockholm

Marble and design, marble and fashion: these are only two out of the many possible combinations between marble and its possible applications, but they are also two combinations that, over time, have given life to incredible artworks, both classical and modern.

The Beauty of Marble in Indoor Spaces and for the Facades

If we think of marble, the first things that come to our minds are the sculptures made by artists like Michelangelo and Canova. Alternatively, we may think about the Greek temples, the incredible Roman architectures that are known to last… But what about the present

Interior design: Casa do Monte, Lisbon

Pink marble is one of the top choices in interior design and architecture when it comes to giving life to elegant and delicate space, with a “retro” touch that well matches the most classic styles.