Brazilian Ardisia: characteristics and uses

Brazilian Ardisia is a variety of metamorphic stones imported from Brazil. Particularly resistant to atmospheric agents, it’s ideal both for outdoor and indoor environments, after being properly processed. The easiness of the processing work, the affordability, and the excellent duration in time have contributed to

Fashion and marble: the project by Carrieres Du Hainaut

What link can unite Hainaut Blue Stone®, the most elegant and emblematic of Belgian natural stones, with the light and airy hats created by Fabienne Delvigne, official supplier to the Belgian Court? An innate sense of aesthetics and refinement, a spirit brimming with inventiveness, an

Marmo Arredo Milano: The New Showroom Just Off the Duomo

Combining the precision and reliability of technology with the passion for craftsmanship, in order to make every project unique, Marmo Arredo is a cutting-edge company that offers designers and architects the best and most vanguard machine tools, allowing the development of bold and innovative projects.

The Colored Marbles of Ancient Greece: History, Usage, Circulation

The natural stone from Ancient Greece, ever since centuries ago up until today, has been considered an architectonic, high-level material. In particular, marble is a stone that’s inseparable from the marvels of Greek art and architecture, a material that unquestionably generates an immediate sensation of

Outdoor Furnishing: What to Know and How to Protect It 

Marble is a noble and, above all, timeless material, therefore perfect to make a difference and, at the same time, make an outdoor environment practical, so that it becomes not only functional, but also elegant, refined, and unique.

Cremino Marble: Characteristics and Uses of Sicilian Marble

Among the most famous Sicilian marbles that are also used in building projects and interior and exterior architectures, the one that stands out for its uniqueness and elegance is the Cremino variety, which distinguishes itself from the other varieties of similarly-colored marble for its characteristics