Lavender Bay House: a play of geometries in the heart of Sydney

The Sydney Harbor is a picturesque tableau of contrasts: amid the artistic strokes that nostalgically portray the marine blue and the slow progress of the boats, imposing and futuristic geometric forms like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House emerge.

Fluid Home by Alessandro Isola

In today’s multifaceted world, fluidity seems to have become one of the most important requirements for managing its sudden changes. This is also true in the field of architecture, where conceiving adaptable and multitasking spaces that break away from the traditional, static functionalities we’re used

Blanc Showroom

Blanc Showroom, Antic Colonial

An ethereal and seemingly endless dimension, the dominance of white in all its candid contrasts of purity, the depth of a space that, depending on the time of day, is revealed by light in all its secret facets: we are not talking about paradise, but

Casa Pereiro Do Cha

Wandering through the rural and wild landscapes of Alentejo, a Portuguese town about 10 km from the ocean, one will be enveloped by olive-green hills, scorched by heat and crossed by dirt roads.

Zigzag House

Marble is a noble material that lends shades of elegance, refinement and classicism to any environment in which it is placed. Considering its great versatility, stemming from the fact that there are several types of stone, it’s natural that within interior design it emerges as