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The surface of things

A crossways analysis of the design projects that gave life to the installations in Natural Things, the exhibition curated by Raffaello Galiotto for the 2019 edition of The Italian Stone Theatre, helps identify a number of characteristic ways of relating with natural stone.

The best young stone

The entrance to Hall 1 where The Italian Stone Theatre – the Marmomac exhibition dedicated to stone design culture – is traditionally set up is preceded by an open area where the education works of the Young Stone Project are displayed.

Getting inside natural stone

The events that enhanced the intense days during Marmomac 2019 saw a prominent place go to the presentation of a book that enabled visitors to The Italian Stone Theatre enter a rich stone universe full of events and materials.

Backstage: Sharawaggi

The elegant set-ups and calibrated lights forming the backdrop to the frenetic coming and going of visitors during an exhibition are only the point of arrival for a path that, in the case of stone architecture, actually starts off from huge quarry blocks.

Between the forest and the undergrowth: poetics compared

On the one hand, a poetic inspiration based on the idea of a garden with its roots – as one may well say – in the western philosophical tradition; on the other, a radically different concept that embodies the seeds of the Japanese garden.





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