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The stone defines the brand

The Italian Stone Theatre inside Hall 1 at Marmomac once again in 2019 welcomed the well-judged partnering between a number of companies in the natural stone sector and several international luxury design brands.

Getting inside natural stone

The events that enhanced the intense days during Marmomac 2019 saw a prominent place go to the presentation of a book that enabled visitors to The Italian Stone Theatre enter a rich stone universe full of events and materials.

A stone marathon

The Forum set up inside The Italian Stone Theatrethis year also hosted the Stone section of the Archmarathon Award, an international event created by Platform Magazine that brings together design studios and projects implemented in various countries around the world.

Backstage: Sharawaggi

The elegant set-ups and calibrated lights forming the backdrop to the frenetic coming and going of visitors during an exhibition are only the point of arrival for a path that, in the case of stone architecture, actually starts off from huge quarry blocks.

Run-up to Marmomac 2019: Around the stands to find the Best

The design of exhibition stands may seem to be a lightweight and ephemeral concept, since it is intended only for the short duration over a few days of an event, as regards the use of materials and artefacts that allow transport and rapid assembly, as





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