Living Marmo: Annandale House, Australia, by Welsh + Major

A long and narrow family residence filled with light and refined details, where even a tree finds space to grow: we are talking about Annandale House, located in Annandale, New South Wales (Australia) and built in 2016 by the architecture studio Welsh + Major.

A contemporary and expertly built project, where marble can be found in different spaces. Here’s everything you need to know about Annandale House!

the project

Annadale House, named after the Sydney suburb where it is located, is a residence designed for a four people-family, and it was built on a long and narrow site. It has three levels, each of which is “smaller” than the previous one, and they overlap each other in a way that recalls a telescope. There’s a glass roof, while large windows are located on every floor: this allows the light to enter into every space, regardless of the season, making the space airy. On the ground floor, in the large living room connected to the dining room, we find even a tree, which emerges from the floor through a hole, as if it was a part of the interior design. The tree is next to an imposing green marble staircase, which leads to the second floor. The color palette used for interior spaces ranges from gray to white, going through black, with wood details and marble inserts, in a game of juxtapositions and contrasts. The bricks used for the outside come from Sydney to match the local style. It is a relaxed and sophisticated environment, with timeless design but, at the same time, perfect for the needs of a contemporary family.

the marble

The staircase and some kitchen’s inserts of Annadale House are made of green marble; this material represents a popular choice to give an elegant touch to the spaces since it recalls a natural atmosphere. It also represents balance, calmness, harmony, and well-being. Due to its compactness and strength, it is largely used for the coating of floors (both indoor and outdoor), walls, windowsills, and, as in this case, stairs. The kitchen features Forest Green marble details, a stone that comes from India, with bold veins. Its background color is a non-homogeneous green, and it may present some shades that range towards a lighter green, which is almost yellow. The veins, on the other hand, are brown and gold, with dense ramifications that draw a beautiful pattern, perfect to highlight one or more details when it comes to interior design.

the studio

Welsh + Major Architects is an architecture and urban design studio founded in Sydney in 2004 by David Welsh and Chris Major, and it works for both private and public clients. It is focused on the excellence of materials and details and, over the years, it has worked on projects that include homes, restaurants, galleries, shops, and offices. The work of the studio has been recognized by numerous design awards, including the National and NSW awards from the Australian Institute of Architects for Residential Architecture, Heritage, and Small Projects. They also teach at the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Newcastle, and the University of Sydney. Their architectural approach is modern, atypical, and sustainable, focused on inserting within the spaces one or more unexpected elements (even marble) that make the ordinary extraordinary.

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