Living Marble: Villa Cullinan, Marbella

Marbella is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, as well as one of the most important tourist centers of Costa del Sol. The town of Zagalata is located right here, between luxury beaches and wild nature, and that’s also the place where we can find “The Diamond of Marbella,” which is the nickname for Villa Cullinan, an impressive modern house. It is considered the best property in the area in terms of quality, luxury, design, functionality, and location, and it is the quintessence of contemporary comfort while respecting the surrounding landscape.

Here is everything you need to know about this Mediterranean gem and the marble featured to decorate both the exteriors and the interiors of this astonishing house!

the building

When someone refers to Villa Cullinan as a gem, it is not by chance: Cullinan is the name of the largest rough diamond in the world, found in 1869 and then cut into smaller cuts; almost all of them belongs to the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. Villa Cullinan is one of the biggest and most exclusive modern villas in Europe: developed on an area of 13,845 m² with multiple swimming pools, an exterior one which is 4.5m deep and that’s salty, and a 20m long one which is indoor and heated, it features eco-sustainable systems with extremely innovative technological solutions. It also has 2 designer kitchens, 9 guest bedrooms, a Master Suite that occupies an entire wing of the building, and 14 marble bathrooms (the Master Suite features even an impressive marble tub that stands out). The Villa also has a SPA center, a relaxation area, a games room, a gym, a garage entirely made of glass that can keep 15 cars, and a cinema with natural light filtering through the windows overlooking the pool. The interiors are decorated with luxury furnishing elements. The house is conceived as a sensory journey that invites people to relax, to dedicate themselves to their favorite activities, both inside and outside, and to enjoy the wonderful view over the surrounding landscape.

the marble

TINO Natural Stone was in charge of the covering of both interiors and exteriors with marble, creating an elegant and versatile finish, according to the Villa’s style. Premium Beige marble (a creamy and homogeneous one, perfect to enlighten a space and, for this reason, an excellent alternative to pure white) covers the floors of the Villa, and even the Master Suite’s bathtub is made of Premium Beige marble. Speaking about the bathrooms, their walls and the showers were made with white onyx (with translucent properties that add brightness to space, making the surfaces almost crystal clear). The selection of natural stone aims at emphasizing the naturalness of these spaces; besides, it creates balance with the light that filters from the imposing windows that can be found almost in every room, becoming one not only with the furnishing elements but also the surrounding landscape.

the studio

Villa Cullinan was designed by Tobal Arquitectos, one of the most important architectural firms on Costa del Sol when it comes to the making of luxury homes, which has contributed to the construction of many iconic houses in the area. Founded in 1980 by architects Miguel and Diego Tobal, it is dedicated to the making and design of architectural, landscape, and engineering elements, combining the traditional style with the contemporary one while respecting the surrounding landscape.

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