Interior Design: Essenza Residential Building

A project that combines linear architecture, sustainability, and efficiency; a building that creates a geometrical pattern with an optical effect; wise use of Carrara marble, accurately selected. All these elements are featured in the project Essenza Residential Building Essence curated by Ventura + Partners studio. Here’s what makes it so special.

the project

In Porto, Portugal, between 2017 and 2019, Ventura + Partners studio worked on Essenza Residential Building Essence, characterized by suggestive lines and glass walls emphasized by researched geometric patterns that, all together, give shape and life to a harmonious dialogue between the solid and immutable nature of materials and the beauty of the natural surrounding landscape, which is constantly moving and changing. Precisely the relationship with nature is a fundamental focus of this residential architecture project that’s been nominated for several design awards over the past two years.

The first element of this building to stand out is the tridimensionality of its facade, given by the geometrical cuts in concrete as if the balconies that lean out on the nearby park were rips aligned on a surface. In this way, they create the illusion of a wave motion. In compliance with the environment in which it’s inserted, the building is luminous, elegant, and minimalist, white with decorative elements in golden aluminum.

Sticking to the environment topic, to respect the sustainable standards it was decided to apply solar panels for water heating, both for domestic use and for the pools in the upper floors; both the ventilation systems and boilers guarantee energy saving and lower CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. A real combination between architecture and nature that’s rich in timeless beauty and charm.

the marble used

Both indoors and outdoors, Essenza Residential Building was conceived with a selection of luxury finishes to offer the ultimate comfort and functionality to its residents. What better material is there to underline the elegance of a building if not marble?

For this project, Ventura + Partners has chosen the finest variety, that is Carrara marble, personally selecting the marble blocks directly in Carrara, which were later cut, treated, and refined in Portugal. Alongside this variety, there’s light grey marble, particularly used in bathrooms. In this area and the kitchen, in fact, light marble is perfect to make the setting more luminous and airier, and it’s used both for floor coverings, walls, and décor elements, like the bathtub. A touch of design that’s perfectly balanced between modern and classic style, creating several décor possibilities to residents, emphasizing the sophisticated beauty of this timeless material.

the studio

Founded by Manuel Ventura in 1994 in Porto, the Ventura + Partners studio works on projects of architecture, urban planning, and design all over the world, both in the private and public sector, with the aim of offering sustainable, creative, and vanguard solutions, in respect of the surrounding environment and involved people. The experience accumulated over the years and the attention to the sophisticated character of their ideas are the founding pillars of the company.

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