Interior Design: 2020 Trends

Each year brings with it discoveries, new materials, new designs. And all of these elements have one thing in common: they are part of a trend that will either become immortal or famous for being the trend of a specific year.

If we talk about interior design in 2020, there were some trends that we are sure will remain with us for a very long time and that have populated every home. Let’s see them together!

simple luxury

In 2020, the idea that our home is a sanctuary has become stronger, given that everyone has had to spend so much time in there. Therefore, we speak of a different luxury, not made of precious and unique materials but mostly made of calm, warm, lived-in minimalism but, at the same time, with an unmistakable style. The Scandinavian influence continues to be very present with its organic shapes and natural stones. This influence, combined with a search for nature and a look towards sustainability, makes your home a sacred place where you can feel good and where you can also do good through conscious interior design choices.

a world of neutral colors

After many years dominated by exuberant colors, 2020 has brought us to a more neutral world, especially towards all those warm neutral colors. Colors such as off-white, grays, ochre, and beige have new life and inspire new ideas that reconnect the mind with tradition and with nature. There were many wooden elements, such as chairs, tables, armchairs, and the kitchen and rugs’ details in the most neutral and warm colors. Among these neutral colors, we have also seen that of peach and soft lavender, which are perfect for giving light to a room.

wish for geometry

Those who didn’t like neutral colors opted for geometries. Bolder colors met with geometric and modern lines and edges that dominated the interiors, thus merging the elements’ craftsmanship with technology, vintage, and geometry. The interior design objects were inspired in particular by ’30s and ’60s design. They called it “Neo-Deco” to emphasize a fresh, sophisticated interior design that combines Miami’s tropical pastel colors with the more traditional black and gold.

great space for wallpaper

2020 saw an interior design dominated by wallpapers, even in areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen. But forget the old motifs. In 2020 the wallpaper trend was a must with its bright colors, fruit designs, flowers, and playful geometric patterns that took the place of monochromes, giving space to new imagination! In particular, we’ve seen the rebirth of floral wallpaper – wallpaper trends that incorporate floral designs of different sizes and abstract, colorful patterns. There is a strong attraction for vibrant colors such as yellow and contrasting colors that brighten walls with vitality. However, 2020 has highlighted more chic and abstract shapes than the classics ones.

velvet mania

Velvet is not for everyone. But 2020 showed it to everyone, with small furnishing details or larger design objects such as sofas or headboards. It is the perfect mix of luxury and comfort, and its color range is endless, with a preference for blue, green, orange, pink, and red.

the secret garden

With growing attention to sustainability and the environment in general, people have begun to develop a great interest in plants and the internal construction of small green oases, or little “secret gardens.” Indeed, interior designers have started to include large walls covered in plants or small flowerbeds in their projects. This has become the perfect way to let nature into your home and become a beautiful piece of furniture and an element that is good for the spirit.

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