Hotel & Marble: The Luxury Bathrooms

The combination of marble and hotels has always proved over time, and always in a different way, to be an effective solution to create sophisticated and luxurious interior designs. Not by chance, we can find marble in many luxury hotels all over the world, and in every space, a further confirmation of its extremely versatile and surprisingly unique nature.

Even in the bathrooms? Especially in the bathrooms! Discover why marble is a reference choice for furnishing hotel bathrooms and some emblematic examples.

marble in the luxury hotels’ bathrooms

The eye wants its part, especially in a luxury hotel: every detail of these facilities is expertly designed to be appreciated by clients who walk these spaces every day. The proof of beauty is often given by the rooms, or rather, the suites, which are a sum of all the elements and aesthetics that characterize the structure. Superb furnishings, breathtaking views, impeccable service, and a careful choice of materials are at their basis. Among the favorite materials, we find marble for its refined, timeless, and resistant nature; it is used not only for the furnishing of the actual room but also for the bathrooms. For this space, the light and warm shades are the favorite ones since they add a touch of light without being excessive. Marble in luxury hotels’ bathrooms is used both for the coating of walls and floors (also in combination with wood) and, for a modern result, it is often used in different shapes and geometries (for example, with hexagonal tiles) that give an original, but never exaggerated effect. But marble is also used for the coating of showers, bathtubs, and sinks, giving the idea of a SPA more than a bathroom. Whatever the solution, what matters is that the material adds to the room a refined and relaxed allure, which makes guests feeling cuddled even by the atmosphere.

the most used marbles

White marble, above all, the Carrara one, represents absolute purity when it comes to furnishing a bathroom, and it is particularly suitable for the elements that characterize this space, such as sinks and showers. However, other shades are well appreciated for luxury hotels’ bathrooms, such as pink, bronze, walnut, black, and gold. What matters is that the chosen material creates a harmonious effect, not only inside the bathroom but also with the adjacent room. Among the trendy varieties, there are Travertino, Portugal Pink, Guatemala Green, and Onyx. Marble-effect stoneware is also a great solution: the choice is surely wide!

the most beautiful marble hotels’ bathrooms

If you are looking for the perfect marble bathroom, here are some hotels with beautiful solutions:

  • BVLGARI Hotel, London: Marquinia Black and Green Onyx marbles decorate the bathrooms of the rooms, the spa, and the massage room. The Marquinia one, with its white veins, gives the space a dramatic and contemporary look.
  • Mandarin Oriental, Miami: its bathrooms are entirely covered in Yellow Triana marble that, when touched by the sun, adds an incredible brightness to space.
  • Ritz Carlton, Dubai: different shades of cream (Pacific, Parador, and White), one material, marble, which also covers the shower walls and bathtub.
  • San Clemente Palace Kempinski, Venice: all the purity of Italian white marble can be found on the walls and in the tubes of this hotel’s bathrooms, which is located on a private island on the Venetian lagoon. The Murano glass on the windows completes these rooms that couldn’t be more candid!
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