26/29 September/2018
Verona, Italy

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Enter the Marmomac Architecture Design world

Marmomac Architecture and Design is the umbrella badge for all initiatives and events seeking to expand knowledge of stone, from its expressive potential to design projects, from more technical to more emotional and artistic aspects.

Marmomac has for many years promoted high-level experimentation and awareness of stone culture in the certainty that this is the right way to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic market and glimpse new opportunities for growth in a sector suffering considerably from today’s unfavourable economic conditions.

In this context, Marmomac Architecture and Design is the ideal medium to ensure value for stone products, passing through training and culture for a material that has always accompanied man and his buildings, highlighting the lively interaction between developments in technology and the ductility of stone.

Within the context of the special funds allocated by the Ministry of Economic Development for the promotion of the main sectors of Made in Italy through reference exhibition platforms, Marmomac 2017 benefits from collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development, the ICE-Italian Trade Agency and Confindustria Marmomacchine to provide support for highlighting excellence in the Italian natural stone sector.

“The Italian Stone Theatre” – a hall celebrating excellence in the Italian natural stone industry, with a large “theatre” dedicated to the world of natural stone and related processing machinery on displaying strictly Italian technologies and experimental natural stone projects; significant and highly qualified incoming activity to encourage foreign trade delegations involving operators in the sector, with more than 200 architects and buyers; “The International Stone Summit” – the first event of its kind involving natural stone associations.

The Marmomac Architecture Design set-up:

Marmomac Architecture and Design is set up around 4 main sections divided into themes:

    1. The Italian Stone Theatre, high-profile experimental works capable of demonstrating the skills of Italian companies in creating innovative products specially designed by prestigious international architects and designers, through traditional craftsmanship as well as the use of advanced machinery capable of interacting with sophisticated three-dimensional design programs.
    2. Exhibitions, events and forum, events and initiatives sharing design and architecture as a common denominator, and envisages numerous proactive collaborations with companies exhibiting at Marmomac.
    3. Awards and competitions: area dedicated to competitions, prizes and awards for people who have promoted knowledge, awareness and excellence in the use of stone, such as the International Award Architecture in Stone the Best Communicator Award, and the Degree Thesis Award.
    4. Teaching and Training: the part of the site focusing on to educational training in the field under the Marmomac Academy label. Marmomac  Academy includes among its priority objectives cooperation and links with universities, professors and institutions as an approach to high-profile research and experiments which help establish a culture of stone in architecture capable of expanding beyond national boundaries.