I Conci – Fluid Stone

Marble is light, energy, and emotion. A stone that expresses tradition and innovation, connection and expertise, creativity and knowledge. It is a matter that can speak a technological language, poetically. It is elegance and simplicity, innate beauty.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

Hall 1 Stand 9


That of I Conci is a story that began more than 20 years ago in Ascoli Piceno. It stems from the ownership of a quarry that produces Travertino S. Caterina. The origin of this travertine dates back about 700 to 800,000 years, in the Quaternary era. Its formation is linked to the thermal waters in the area, which are rich in carbon dioxide. Different varieties of travertine by tone and texture are extracted from this quarry: White, Veined, Ivory, and Curved Ivory are the main ones.

We can decline it in soft or rigorous forms, irregular or polished, lit or dull. Our travertine is, above all, an extraordinary companion that dialogues with space vibrantly and surprisingly.

We create bespoke products, collections, and projects, following the entire process: from excavating the solid stone to cutting it into thin, large-format slabs, from enhancing the unique natural textures to treating the surfaces. We quarry, transform, and shape new projects. We give voice to stone to describe beauty through endless emotions.


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