Books About Marble

Marble has always been an incomparable source of inspiration: whether it is used in construction, architecture, design or art, it is a material able to give life to uniquely elegant creations, that can be both modern and classic and, above all, never get old.


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INTERIOR DESIGN: Acne Studios, Stockholm

Marble and design, marble and fashion: these are only two out of the many possible combinations between marble and its possible applications, but they are also two combinations that, over time, have given life to incredible artworks, both classical and modern.


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Living Marble: Villa Cullinan, Marbella

Marbella is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, as well as one of the most important tourist centers of Costa del Sol. The town of Zagalata is located right here, between luxury beaches and wild nature, and that’s also the place where we can find “The Diamond of Marbella,” which is the nickname for Villa Cullinan, an impressive modern house. It is considered the best property in the area in terms of quality, luxury, design, functionality, and location, and it is the quintessence of contemporary comfort while respecting the surrounding landscape.


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Interior Design: 2020 Trends

Each year brings with it discoveries, new materials, new designs. And all of these elements have one thing in common: they are part of a trend that will either become immortal or famous for being the trend of a specific year.


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Hotel & Marble: The Luxury Bathrooms

The combination of marble and hotels has always proved over time, and always in a different way, to be an effective solution to create sophisticated and luxurious interior designs. Not by chance, we can find marble in many luxury hotels all over the world, and in every space, a further confirmation of its extremely versatile and surprisingly unique nature.


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