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By force of taking away

The evocative setting inside Hall 1 – The Italian Stone Theatre during Marmomac 2019 highlighted for visitors the rich and varied panorama of everyday products which use natural stone to interpret the theme proposed by Raffaello Galiotto for the Natural Things exhibition.

Tra questi oggetti di design, inseriti entro uno spazio cilindrico di quattro metri di diametro delimitato da una “tenda” porosa sospesa, è possibile riconoscere tra i criteri progettuali un principio generatore della forma che deriva per sottrazione dalla massa della materia litica.


Convivium is an installation designed by Draw and processed by Nikolaus Bagnara. It is inspired by the passage of stone from its natural state into an object of everyday use. The large table incorporates this transformation into its very shape, from the solid side resembling a quarry block to the progressively processed and refined side. Even the mounting fixture, again in stone, was obtained by cutting each piece from the solid, just like the pendant lamps. A semi-finished block placed next to the table seems to take us back in time to the natural status of stone materials.

Temno I and Temno II

The two chairs designed by Andrea Morgante and Vincenzo Minenna were developed from of a single block of Calacatta marble complete with seam head – a unique natural feature that the design project sought to interpret and enhance. The essential and evocative design of these chairs is achieved by “taking away” material from the block; the two complementary pieces thereby give rise to a unitary composition in a dialectical and complementary relationship.

Coral Table

The large table in Palissandro stone is characterized by organic geometry inspired in turn by erosion phenomena of rocks and growth patterns of coral reefs: this ramification, according to designers Dustin White and Maurizio Barberio, expresses the idea of growth that nature manages to create in always extraordinary ways. The basis for this realization is a parametric design process, which allowed control of variable geometry managed in production stages by numerical control machines capable of generating the required shape from the block of stone. The table has four support points on the ground and seven support points for the table top itself.


Designer: Draw
Production: Nikolaus Bagnara
Material: Granito Azul Aran by Nikolaus Bagnara
Video: Youtube

Temno I and Temno II
Designer: Andrea MorganteVincenzo Minenna
Production: Marmi Strada
Material: Calacatta
Video: Youtube

Coral Table
Designer: Dustin WhiteMaurizio Barberio
Production and material: Gruppo Tosco Marmi / Palissandro Bronzo Brown by Gruppo Tosco Marmi


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