Alasdair Thomson: When Fashion Transforms Marble

It is well-known that marble is both a timeless and trendy material: and it is not wrong to talk about trends while referring to marble in association with fashion or, even better, with the masterpieces of the artist that we are going to introduce to you.

Alasdair Thomson could be identified as the marble couturier – with his skill and his creative genius, he can emulate real clothes and trendy accessories starting from the stone, creating sculptures made of light beauty; we almost have the feeling that we could wear them. Let’s find out more about the technique and aesthetics of this “Canova” of contemporary fashion!

the artist

Alasdair Thomson is a sculptor who lives and works in Edinburgh. After majoring in Art History in 2004, he moved to Italy to refine his technique, graduating in sculpture at the Scuola Edile in Siena in 2010, discovering there his love for Carrara marble. His training was completed by many visits to Italian churches and museums to analyze the sculptural technique of the great artists of the past, especially the Renaissance ones. Plus, he studied with Mark Menon in Connecticut, and, every summer, he keeps a sculpture course in Carrara together with Stephen Shaheen, a Newyorkese sculptor. Since then, he has dedicated himself to creating projects both in his Scottish studio and abroad: his talent is all about creating large-scale and decorative sculptures inspired by the most successful fashion accessories of recent years!

the most famous sculptures

If we think about sculpture, we think about the classic Greek masterpieces or those by Michelangelo: Thomson instead overturned this concept and, with hammer and chisel, committed himself to the creation of sculptures that emulate iconic fashion accessories and clothes such as Nike Air Max shoes, Chanel N°5, Ralph Lauren polo shirts. Plus, shirts, skirts, summer dresses, baby and climbing shoes, evening dresses: his sculptures have become cult pieces almost as much as their subject, bringing him to collaborate with brands such as Nike, Puma, and Arkk Copenhagen and to exhibit in several cities, including London and New York. He sculpts every detail, every fold, every element with such precision that he gives you the impression that you can actually use them, even giving the feeling sometimes of a certain lightness and fluidity. Thomson said about his work, “I was fascinated by the way the fabric bends and hangs, and I’m trying to make those marble shapes as precise as possible… I’m always excited to see people’s reactions to my work, and I like to challenge their expectations of what’s achievable with stone.”

the marble

Alasdair Thomson has a reference material when it comes to making his masterpieces: it is Carrara marble, the most excellent choice in terms of quality and, not surprisingly, the most appreciated by the artists of the past that Thomson studied with such passion, including his absolute favorite, Lorenzo Bernini. According to the sculptor, it is a stone that allows him to be fully expressive, and that, at the same time, makes him feel close to tradition and art history while giving it a contemporary and original twist. Often, however, he also works with local Scottish marble or other types of stone, in a combination of materials and inspirations that does not know limits and that, we are sure, will bring to the making of many more masterpieces in the future!

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