A unique and revolutionary reality

Progetto Arte Poli is a unique and today revolutionary reality in its carrying on the tradition of the Renaissance workshop, where different working techniques coexist and come together.

A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia

Hall 1 Stand 8

Founded as an artistic glass factory, the laboratory expanded over the years to experiment with new techniques: mosaics, frescoes, bronze and stone works. From a small workshop Progetto Arte Poli becomes an atelier capable of shaping any material to give life to unique works, created to respond to the particular needs of the client.

Among the various artistic processes that of the stone requires artistic skill and patience, knowledge of the geological and physical characteristics of the stones to draw the shape from the mass of the material. From the art of statuary to the sculpture of stone elements to be inserted in larger and more complex creations, our laboratory is at your disposal to create the ideal shape for your project.

The closeness and synergy between the different departments, the exchange of knowledge, the collaboration between the master craftsmen and the constant dialogue with the design department, are the character of Progetto Arte Poli and its extraordinary ability. It is an exemplary business experience of Made in Italy, creativity and manual talent that no machine can match.


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