Visitors Area

Trade sectors

Marmomac Trade Sectors, International trade fair for stone, design, machinery and technology

Marmomac welcomes international operators in the marble sector, from machines to instrumental products, from marble abrasives to diamond tools and chemical products as well as marble blocks, slabs and standard finished products.

Machinery and technologies for marble and granite
Building machinery used to quarry and cut blocks of marble and granite, machinery for
final processing of marble, accessories, components, equipment.

Sales of marble processing technologies and machinery
Companies that sell (import-export) quarrying and quarry machinery, marble block cutting machinery
and all other products required for processing marble and natural stone.

Hire of marble processing machinery
Hire sector: from stone block cutting technologies to material polishing, edging and finishing machinery.

Natural stone processing consumables
Operators involved in natural stone processing consumables, such as various kinds of tool,
abrasive products for marble and granite, diamond tools and chemical products.

Producers of marble materials
The producers of materials are involved in block quarrying and processing and the production of slabs,
production of “cut to size” and standard finished products.

Sales of marble, natural stone and agglomerates
Companies involved in the purchase/sale of marble, natural stone and granulates,
as well as tiles and even street furniture materials.

Construction companies
Exhibitors in the construction sector using natural stone in street furnishing and road building,
residential and public building, renovation and other related activities.

Property companies
Marmomac welcomes exhibitors displaying property solutions involving marble.

Technical offices and Authorities
Technical offices and Authorities such as Local Councils, Provinces, the Regions, marble consortia,
trade associations, groups and colleges in the sector.

Research institutes and Universities involved in the marble sector
University professors, researchers and students (Architecture and Building Engineering Faculties)
are involved in Marmomac’s cultural and design initiatives.

Professionals, consultants, designers, services
Professionals actively involved in the marble sector: architects, design studios and designers,
engineers and service companies.