26/29 September/2018
Verona, Italy

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Marea by Elena Salmistraro wins the Marmomac Icon Award

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Marmomac: growth for internationality and quality of buyers

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Marmomac 2018: natural stone in the forefront of urban redevelopment of cities of the future

Visit tomorrow by Michele Geraci, undersecretary for economic development
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Veronafiere: italian natural stone in the forefront at Marmomac 2018. Sector worth 4.2 billion euros. Exhibition centre sold-out: more than 1600 exhibitors - two-thirds from abroad – occupying an area of more than 80,000 sq.m.

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Marmomac 2018: business and culture at Veronafiere expands the natural stone global community


Marmomac 2018: dialogue between water and stone

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Las Vegas: natural stone business growing with Stonexpo/Marmomac

Veronafiere opens its calendar of exhibitions abroad with the stone industry with TISE in the United States. Companies from Italy, Portugal, Turkey, India and Canada are taking part in the event
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Marmomac: new record with 68,000 operators from 147 Countries

More than 60% of buyers travelling from abroad. The event confirms its status as the global hub for promotion and trade in the natural stone value chain. Veronafiere-Marmomac: new international development agreements signed. 53rd edition of Marmomac scheduled at VeronaFiere 26-29 September 2018.
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Best Communicator Award 2017: winners of the best exhibit set-up at Marmomac announced. Jacopo Cardillo and Ioannis Antoniadis - Masters Of Stone 2017

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Veronafiere with Veronafiere do Brasil in South America for natural stone and construction sectors, to be joined by agriculture and wine in 2018

The 2018 calendar sees June welcome the 45th edition of the Vitória Stone Fair-Marmomac Latin America
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Veronafiere and IMM: system-making market promotion agreement for 'made in Italy' marble

A letter of intent was signed today between Veronafiere and IMM Carrarafiere. The objective is to develop joint initiatives to promote the Italian natural stone value chain. Collaboration projects in Italy and abroad will be investigated, following the outlines defined by the Government in its Special Made in Italy Promotion Plan.
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Marmomac identifies new routes for Italian marble throughout the world



Marmomac: Italy and China sign an internationalisation agreement for italian marble. Veronafiere outlines new business routes for marble with chinese exhibition partner

The Italian General Cooperative Association is also involved in the project. China, South Korea, Japan and Russia are the target areas
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Marmomac: Scalfarotto (Under-Secretary at MISE/Ministry for Economic Development): undertaking to extend special promotion plan also for 2018. 52nd edition of Marmomac inaugurated today

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Record-setting Marmomacc 2016. More international than ever: +5% foreign visitors

Exhibitors and square meters sold also expanded. Germany, the United States and Spain confirm status as key markets; major expansion for Chinese operators; significant increase in buyers from Great Britain.
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