26/29 September/2018
Verona, Italy

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Marmomac Outlook

Marmomac Outlook – Survey Marmomac

Marmomac Outlook originates from the intrinsic idea that the marble-industry, in particular the production and distribution supply chain, is currently going through a restructuring phase that requires:

  • to develop new professional figures
  • to acquire more information
  • to compare and exchange ideas on a more extended basis
  • to achieve increased flexibility in the relationships between operators in the field

Hence, the idea of developing a new training, information and strategic tool, where heterogeneous and similar elements can converge, with the intent of providing an in-depth outlook on the main issues faced by operators today.
Marmomac Outlook has been fully developed thanks to the support and collaboration of all the operators in the field who are interested in developing new strategies and research opportunities.
It will be collected a variety of contents and experiences with the objective of stimulating and supporting our readers in dealing with the restructuring of the sector with a more accurate strategic vision.

> Download Marmomac Outlook 1.2012 icona pdf (10,7 MB)

> Download Marmomac Outlook 0.2012 icona pdf (12,8 MB)